Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Yeah Solid!

All I'm going to say is this is the text message that I received from my daycare provider this morning.  Max has been a little under the weather these past few weeks and without being too graphic I'll just tell you that there was a lot of clothing changes going on due to "leakage."  I'm sure he wasn't feeling too well but I'm more excited for selfish reasons, if you know what I mean.

What a pleasant text to receive at 7:30am :)  I'm thinking his tummy and his booty must be feeling much better!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Go Pack Go?

It is the opening night of the NFL (National Football League) and I have mixed feelings.  I know most people (my husband) are SUPER excited about tonight but I'm feeling a little "eh"  I'm excited that Maroon 5 (mostly Adam Levine) sang "Moves Like Jagger" to open the night and it's pretty cool that the Packers are the reigning Super Bowl Champs but what tonight really means is now every Sunday I'm "husband less."  With 8+ fantasy football leagues I can't even get him to look up from his i-Pad/Computer on Sundays to even acknowledge me. (seriously)  I have plans a few Sundays from now and even though my husband will be home, I'm considering hiring a babysitter just to make sure Max is well taken care of.  

I will admit that I did watch the super bowl... I think?  But like most women it was the commercials I was most interested in.  I guess I just don't exactly get the obsession with sports but then again I'm a girl - disclaimer- some girls like sports, I'm not judging :)

Some of my family will be disappointed that I'm cheering for the Packers, as they are Vikings fans, but as a true Minnesotan and "Fair Weather Fan" I'm sticking with the winning team.  No I'm just kidding... about the fair weather fan, not about cheering for the Packers (sorry to my brother).

Wish me luck the next 16+ Sundays :)