Saturday, October 22, 2011

Max's New Tricks

Luke and I discussed today about how Max is way cooler than a dog because you can only teach a dog a few tricks whereas Max learns something new every day!  (Yes, we truly have these very intellectual conversations.)  It's so exciting to watch him learn.  For example some of his newest words are:

1. "Uh Oh" (This one is said when things fall to the floor, when he falls down, when mom falls down, when he can't find his pacifier, when mom can't find his pacifier... it's pretty much all day long)
2. " Nooooooooooo" (He says it elongated I think because I'm typically yelling it while running in his direction to try and stop him from things like putting his finger in the outlet we haven't baby proofed yet.  The funny thing is that he sticks his tongue out when saying the "n" so Luke kept asking why Max was saying "mo?")
3. "Hello" (This is his newest word that he now says while putting the TV remote, calculator or cell phone up to his ear.  It's almost creepy the way the tone of his voice changes when he says it.  It sounds a little like "ellow"  I'm thinking he's been hanging out with a British women lately)
4. "Oh Sh**t" (Yes I heard him mumble this one a few times lately and thought to my self "OH SH**T!"  I'm blaming this one on his dad.  The good thing is Max says it pretty quiet because I don't think he's really confident with this one yet so I'm hoping that without reinforcement he will forget he ever heard it!)

So being that Max is now 14 months you would think the next new trick I'm going to tell you about is him walking... sadly no.  He can cruise around anywhere while holding onto things but has yet to venture out on his own.  He's so close though so maybe soon we will have a video out of that one.

No, the next new trick is one that him and his father showed me today while out shopping.  It's the first of the "Oh man look what my husband taught my son" tricks.  Soon he will be peeing on cars and spitting out windows!  This one isn't that bad, it's actually pretty cute.  It's hard to explain in writing exactly what they do so at the risk of being non-politically correct, Luke pretty much taught Max how to do the "Indian."  You know where you take the palm of your hand and put it over your mouth repeatedly while saying "o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o".  That's the only thing I could think of to describe it!  Max loves it and thinks it's really cool.  He's not really great at the hand coordination though and sometimes ends up saying "oooooo" while banging himself in the eye.

Lastly I had to share that, according to my husband, Max had his first "make out session" at day care on Friday.  You can imagine the imagery that this statement put into my head so of course I asked him to clarify.  Beaming (as most dads would) he said that when he went to pick-up Max the little girl who is almost two ran over to say good bye and gave him a huge smooch "RIGHT ON THE LIPS".  My reaction was "Oh, that's all"?  Knowing that French people kiss on the lips all the time I did not consider this a so called "make out session."  However, Luke was so proud that Max was such a stud at day care that I let him gloat a little about it.

Total Stud!  Notice how he styled his own hair using a new product I like to call "Spaghetti Sauce"

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Special Request

So this weekend I was asked by Max's daycare lady's son, Leif, (did you catch that?) if I could write a blog post about his girlfriend to surprise her as he said she reads my blog.   I of course obliged because I'm nice like that :) and I like people that read my blog. hehe :)  When I got back into my car after accepting this request I thought to myself... hmmm what can I write about Chelsea?

Should I write about the fact that she was the only babysitter that I liked/trusted to watch Max and now that she's off to college trying to pursue the rest of her life I'm stuck watching DVDs on my couch instead of going to movies in the theater?  This is serious as I have a bad case of narcolepsy when it comes to watching movies in my living room.  I purposely leave every single light on, sit up straight and sometimes drink caffeine just so I can sit through an entire movie.  It's horrible.  Due to this habit of falling asleep Luke has banned me from selecting movies as he hates it when it's my turn and I pick out a chick flick only to fall asleep halfway through leaving him to finish watching "my dread full movie" by himself.  Why doesn't he just turn it off you may ask... he can't.  Much like my falling asleep he has a problem with finishing movies.  It could be the dumbest movie out there and he WILL NOT turn it off.

On the other hand, I could write about the fact that Chelsea and Leif blow-up each others facebook walls with "I love you" "I love you more" I love you too" I miss you" Can't wait to see you this weekend" "loved seeing you this weekend"... etc all day long.  She went off to college 2.5 hours away and now the rest of us have to suffer.  I'm totally/ somewhat kidding :)  I understand what it's like to be separated from your sig other (I think that's what cool people are calling it these days) but at least keep it to texting or skype or something. :)

So in the end I decided the best thing to write about Chelsea is the fact that she's a super sweetheart and Max loves hanging out with her and Leif so I guess I'll keep them around a little longer.

P.S. Chelsea, if you ever come back to Madison for the weekend and want to watch Max let me know!  We will pay you in cash plus Arbonne products as a bonus :)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pumpkin Train

Even before I was pregnant my mother-in-law talked about taking our future kids on the little Pumpkin Train to pick out a pumpkin.  That day has finally come.

Today my mother-in-law, Max and I drove to Marshall, Wisconsin to ride the train and get Max a pumpkin.  Max was soaking in all the kids running around and I think he was really enjoying the sites.

Then the train started to come around the corner and he almost started to cry.  In his defense it was a little louder than I expected and there were kids yelling everywhere.

Once on the train he still wasn't so sure but he started to enjoy himself a little.  Then came time to pick out the pumpkin...

Let's just say he was not as excited to sit in prickly grass next to a pumpkin in the middle of a field with kids running around screaming... as I thought he would be
Not happy!

What's that pumpkin doing? 

The ride back was much better and I think Max relaxed a little and started having fun.

The tunnel spooked him a little bit as it was pretty dark in there but it didn't make him cry again.
My favorite picture of the day

I really enjoyed taking Max to a new experience and hope that in the future we can spend more time together.  He's such a fun little boy!  Thanks Grandma for a fun afternoon trip!