Saturday, May 5, 2012


Max is going through the stage of not sharing.  He currently thinks that EVERYTHING is his!  Even when it's not his he reaches for it and says "MINE!"

Clearly this has escalated to a whole new level as the other night Luke and I were awoken by Max shouting from his crib "Mine, Mine!!!"  Groggy Luke turned to me and said "Is that Max yelling? what is he saying?"  I being half asleep myself reply "Yes, I think he's saying, Mine."  Where as Luke replies "Why would he be yelling that in the middle of the night?"  My only conclusion was he was either having a nightmare about someone stealing his blankie or something had fallen out of his crib and he was yelling for someone to come and give it back to him.  Either way, he stopped but the next morning he was very clingy when it came to his blankies.  He actually carried two around all morning, I'm thinking to make sure that no one tried to take them away from him.

I think we may have an issue come August when the new baby comes and wants to sit in "his" bouncer and later play with "his" toys.  At least she will have her own blankies.

He is also cuddling with my left over protein shake as he though THAT was his too.

Double blankies on their way to day care.

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