Friday, February 1, 2013

Happy Release Day!

I was a little tired this morning from the baby keeping me up last night but the one positive thing to her 4am wakeup was the chance to be one of the first to view the new Spring Collection "Good Hart" from Matilda Jane!  Today is release #1 for spring and with all the sneak peaks floating around it was almost like Christmas morning!  I didn't know when they were going to upload all the "pretties" onto their website but was hoping it would be sometime in the middle of the night.  I checked at 12:30am when the baby woke me up for the 2nd time :( and there was still no Good Hart to be found.  Then at 4:30am I was in luck... well not lucky that the baby woke me up but lucky to see the collection in all of it's pastel purple, pink with a hint of navy glory!  LOVE!

It's too bad that I LOVE it all as my bank account can only handle so much.  For each release I give myself a budget and for this release... I went a little over :) Shh, don't tell.

For those of you not familiar with Matilda Jane I can't even begin to explain the entire culture behind this unique clothing company.  This blog post helps a little Whimsy & Style Photography. Matilda Jane Addicts have a whole language all their own.  I was first introduced into this world by a friend who hosted a trunk show.  It was Spring of 2011 and Max was almost 1. My friend invited me knowing I had a boy and that it's mostly girl clothes but when she mentioned that their are also adult women pieces I thought it would be fun to check it out.  I ended up buying a pair of black skinny pants and an amazing tank dress.  The dress is one of my favorites and I've been told many times that it's one of the cutest things I own.

Flash forward a year or so and I was pregnant for the second time.  My other friend invited me again to a Matilda Jane Trunk show the day after I was going in to have my ultrasound done for baby #2.  I told her if it was a girl, I would come.  Lucky me, it was!  I remember browsing through all the beautiful and unique clothes on the rack excited to be able to buy some but also overwhelmed with where to start so I asked the trunk keeper (the person who does the shows).  "What size do you think I should get in this?" I said as I held up the most adorable red peasant top.  She replied "what size is your daughter?" I pointed to my stomach and said "she's in here!" We both got a good laugh out of that but I left that trunk show hooked and never looked back.  Here is the silly thing... the smallest size they had available was a 12 month! so yes, Maci has yet to wear ANY of her Matilda Jane and it's piling up in my closet. (don't judge me) :)

I like to consider myself a collector.  Some people collect dolls, nutcrackers, plates...etc.  I collect beautiful unique girl clothes.  See when you think of it that way it's not as bad... right? :)

So now that Maci is ALMOST old enough to actually WEAR some of my "collection" I'm hosting my own trunk show in March! Yippie!  For those of you that have little girls you MUST come and at least see these beautiful pieces in person.  They are completely different IRL (In Real Life- Matilda Jane speak).  For real, they are so adorbs!!!  For those of you that can't make it but want to check out what they have visit and view the Good Hart collection.  Please keep in mind you can only order through a trunk keeper and sometimes items sell-out immediately.  Finally, for those of you that don't live nearby or can't make it but would like to place an order for my show I'm collecting phone/email orders up until the start of my show so feel free to email me with your "wish list" and call with your credit card info and I will ship it to you!

My show is Saturday, March 2nd at 10am. Additional information to follow. The day before that (March 1st) is release #2 so there will be BRAND NEW items being added to the collection!!  Whoo hoo! Another Christmas morning for me :)

Here are SOME of the items I have been "hoarding"... I won't show them all as it's a little embarrassing. (Yes those are 12m Royals which I hear are becoming unicorns! more MJ talk)

Thank you Matilda Jane for fueling my fun and love for clothing!  Also, shout out to MJC Lookbooks, thank you Bridgette for all that you do.  If it wasn't for you I would still be trying to figure this whole crazy world out on my own.  I check your "MJ Bible" multiple times a day and was so excited when I finally got accepted as a friend!  Thank you to my Trunk Keeper, Jessica, you totally rock and I appreciate the hard work you put into getting us our pretties... especially the holiday items! Finally, thank you to my friend Jen for all that you do as well and for getting me hooked on this adorable company!

Don't even get me started on Platinum...that's a whole different post. ;)

I'm giving away this Platinum Joey Bag at my show.  Details to come!


  1. What a lovely and beautiful unique girl clothes collections. I also want to have collections and how I wish to have Machine cut rhinestones
    that is perfect for my classy dress.