Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It's Been 10 Years...

This weekend was my 10 year class reunion.  I’ve been waiting 10 years for this reunion as I really liked my classmates and couldn’t wait to see everyone. {serious!}  Facebook made this reunion a little unique as I knew what most people were doing these days.  We had a disappointingly low turn-out but the people that did make it were quality J  I want to thank the committee for all the hard work they put into planning the event, if I was around I would have for sure helped!

Even though I brought a camera I didn’t take any pictures {sad} and since most of my high school photo albums are collecting dust in my parents crawl space I’ve got nothing to show you.  Instead I’m going to write down a few fun memories from high school.  Most of them include my friend Kim who headed up the planning for this reunion. 

1.     Me and Kim used to go over to my house after summer danceline practice and teach ourselves the dance moves to all the Britney Spears music videos.  Afterwards we would scarf down microwavable bean and cheese burritos {gross!} and sometimes take a nap.
2.     One of the last days of our sophomore year me Kim and Morgana skipped class and went to Park Point and Target for the day.  On our way to park point we got bridged and so were rocking out to music in Kim’s car.   While we waited a male college student that was parked behind us came up to our window and asked us to hang out with him later.  We spilled the beans that we were high school students skipping class and he was mortified.  We felt pretty cool though.
3.     This one is for my danceline girls out there.  I will always remember the year we went to TP houses and accidentally left Sara O at what’s his names house and we were freaking out cuz his dad had a gun.  She just walked to Food N’ Fuel though and everything was all good.  {I think that was before the time of cell phones so we didn’t know what to do as we thought we had lost her so we figured that if we went to Food N’ Fuel her favorite hang out that we would find her, and we did!}  I think that was the same year one of the cars got pulled over by the cops and girls were stuffing toilet paper into their sweatshirts in the back seat.
4.     Kim and Andrea… remember the party that got busted the moment we walked in the door and we hid behind a neighbors storage shed with some senior guys.  That night was interesting.  My mom still talks about that night.  She tried paging me {yes kids we all had pagers and they were COOL, mine was cranberry colored} and I didn’t call back so she knew I had lied when I said I was staying at Andrea’s house.

There are so many more stories I could write, especially if I read our danceline’s “remember whens”

It was so nice to see everyone on Saturday.  I hope we can keep in touch.  To all of you who didn’t make it I hope to see you in 10 years.  I wonder where I will be then?

Congrats to my great friend Andrea on her little boy Axel.  He’s a cutie and a perfect reason for your absence!  Don’t worry I won’t start keeping track on our locker door J


  1. Oh soooo many memories! I just started to cry thinking about how much fun we had growing up. I look forward to the 20 year and hopefully won't be missing it. We sure had a good reason for this one though! Axel is perfect! I can't believe we are now both mommies! Went from young girls making funny videos wth my parents video camera in my bedroom (which i still need to send to you...its hilarious), talking about boys, danceline, slumber parties etc to mature women now raising our own little family's :)

  2. Andrea- I need to see those videos!!!... or do I? I'm super embarrassing so I can only imagine what we did on those! I'm so happy for you and feel the same way. I cannot believe that we have been friends since the 4th grade. We were so boy crazy and now we have our own little boys! Max is so super fun I can't wait for you to experience everything I have this past year. Next time I make it up to Duluth I would love to stop by and see you guys! Remember when we used to prank call boys... I'm at the age where I don't see why that was so fun but it totally was!!!

  3. Haha we were definitely boy crazy! The video is certainly embarrassing but that's what makes it great! I'd love to get together with ya sometime :)