Sunday, August 14, 2011

Max's 1st Birthday {Whale Birthday Party}

Saturday was Max's first birthday!  I cannot believe how fast this year has gone.  When he was first born the only song I sang that would calm him was "Baby Beluga" by Raffi.  Therefore, when I tried to think of a theme for his first birthday party I came up with a whale theme... baby beluga whale.  The colors I chose were blue and orange.  I had so much fun collecting blue and orange things and thinking up food that would go with the whale theme and also be blue and orange.

The party turned out great.  We had about 25+ people there of mostly family.  For food I came up with the idea to do a Mac n' Cheese bar because Max loves Mac n' Cheese.  Also, it's a kiddie food but as there were mostly adults at the party I had more adult toppings like chicken, broccoli, hamburger, tomatoes, scallions, Parmesan and bread crumbs.
The sailboat centerpiece is from my mom's personal collection.  She loves all things nautical.
I made this banner on my computer and then tied it together with orange and blue ribbons.
For the dessert bar I had blue cupcakes, angel fish cookies and chocolate covered pretzels.  I made the pretzels myself, the rest of it I bought from Market Street Diner.  They did an amazing job!
I made the cupcake toppers on my computer as well.
The chocolate covered pretzels were a hit.  I added food coloring to make the white chocolate orange to match the theme. 
Jello with gummy fish.

For table centerpieces I had little pales filled with gold fish crackers topped with a pinwheel. 
Even though Max was the only kid I found this whale pinata and just HAD to buy it.
I figured Max would get bored with opening gifts but he LOVED it.  He was so excited about his gifts.

Grandpa John got him his own loader to help with the construction.  
He loved that everyone sang him happy birthday!
Market Street Diner made him his own smash cake with a whale on it. 
I expected him to dig into it but all he wanted to do was throw it on the floor so I scooped some frosting up with my finger to try and entice him to eat it.  He didn't like the frosting that much and wasn't really interested. 
Instead he just chewed on the spoon.  The smash cake is almost completely untouched and sitting in my fridge.  I guess that plan backfired!
My best friend Morgana got him his "Beep Beep" It's a super cool car that is used instead of a stroller.  He had a blast riding around in it! 
It even has cup holders.  No drinking and driving allowed! :)
Popping a wheelie.
At the end of the party we realized that we never hit the pinata so we gave Max his mini stick (of course) and he tapped at it a few times. 
Then all the adults took turns.  Isn't this a sad picture of the little whale?
Morgana and my mom tried to help Max finish it off but as soon as they began beating the whale he started bawling.  I guess he didn't want to hurt it.
I have to thank my mom, dad and Morgana for all the hard work they put in helping me pull off such a great birthday party for Max.  I know he will never remember it but hopefully he will look back at the pictures and know how much time and love I put into making his first birthday special.


  1. I am dyeing to find that table cover!! Please please tell me where i can get it!!!!!

    1. It's actually a yard blanket I picked-up at Target last summer. The colors worked so perfect I used it as a table cover instead! Since it was last summer it may not still be available but you could always try searching the internet.

  2. Thank you so much for this!! Baby Beluga is also my son's calming song and I'm planning his first birthday party around the song as well!!