Monday, April 16, 2012

{Pregnancy Workout} Hello old friends, I've missed you

It's day 2 of getting back into the gym and I feel better today than I even did yesterday!  Probably because today I got to spend time with my favorite friends again... weights!  I'm not much of a cardio fan I have to be honest.  I know it has it's place so I do it but only because I have to.  Don't expect me to go any longer than 20 minutes though.  So let's focus on what I do like... lifting!!!

Typically when I workout I like to put together a plan first as to what muscle groups I'm going to hit and exactly which moves I will use to achieve my goal.  I'm such a geek as I usually write down my workout on a small slip of paper and stick it in the pocket of my sweatshirt so I don't forget.  When you have limited time to workout you don't want to waste it standing around trying to think of what you should do next.  I also like to focus on my upper body one day and lower the next, however, for today I wanted to do a full body workout.  Since I've been finding it difficult to fit in my workouts I didn't want to leave half of my body out with the possibility of not getting to it later.  

For those of you that are unaware I am currently 6 months pregnant so that adds another element to work around.  Here is where my caution statement comes in... please consult your doctor before embarking on a new workout routine, especially when you are pregnant.  That being said, a lot of women are afraid to do anything more than a light stroll or easy yoga when pregnant because they think it's too much.  I've been told that you can continue your current workout routine once pregnant as long as you listen to your body, drink TONS of water and steer clear of a few things such as; after 12 weeks don't lie flat on your back and it's advised not to do any strenuous twisting movements with your abdomen.  Other than that, go for it!

Here is my workout from this morning:  2 sets of 15 reps each, resting only in between sets not individual moves (therefore, do 15 reps each of #1-#1 0, rest, rehydrate and then repeat)

1. Bicep Curls with free weights
2. Rows with free weights (one arm at a time)
3. Tricep Kickbacks with free weights (one arm at a time)
4. Cable Chest Press
5. Lateral raises
6. Shoulder Press
7. Sqauts using the ball against the wall for back support
8. Plie squats again using the ball against the wall
9. Donkey kicks on the mat
10. Calf raises

This workout goes really quick and you will work up a sweat because there is no resting in between moves just at the end of the set.  I like to super set my moves like this so I can squeeze in a lot in a short amount of time.  This workout is great for pregnancy because there is no lying on your back and the ball works great as a support and added balance for your squats.  At the end of my workout I like to do a full stretch.  Another word of caution here for pregnant women, your ligaments and joints loosen when pregnant so be careful and don't overextend yourself when stretching.  

As far as the weight you choose to lift I typically would recommend choosing something where the last two reps you can barely squeeze out, however, when pregnant I like to tone it down a little so I pick something that I can finish 15 with but probably couldn't do another 2-3 after that.  If you can't make it through 10 reps at the weight you chose then drop it and pick-up a lighter one to finish out the 15.  On the other hand, if by the end of 15 you feel you could do another 15 you need to bump your weights up a couple lbs.

Now for those of you wondering what in the world a Tricep Kickback is I would highly recommend reading a copy of Oxygen Magazine.  This is my workout bible! :)  It isn't a sissy women's fitness magazine but also isn't only for body builders so it's great for anyone that's interested in health and fitness.

As far as equipment goes I'm very lucky to have a full gym in my apartment complex. If you do not have access to a gym then this workout may not be right for you.  Check out Oxygen as they typically have routines you can do at home with just one set of weights or bands.

These are the lighter free weights we have in our gym.  They go from 3lbs up to 15lbs.

These are the heavier weights... I'll save these for after the baby comes.

This is the cable machine that I use for my "Cable Chest Press" you can see the handles are set-up currently for that.

This bench is perfect to use as support for your Rows and Tricep Kickbacks.

Ball used for squat support.  This goes up against the wall and then you lean on it with your lower back.

The "other" room I frequent less. :)
For those of you in the area I'm always open to have you over for a little training session as I love to workout with a partner!  Just be ready to go by 5:30am as that's when I like to hit the gym ;)


  1. I miss weights... I haven't been to the gym in a month. I've been biking the kids to school and back, but it's not the same as weight-lifting. And, I don't know how you do 5:30 am.

  2. i have to say I'm impressed!
    I did aqua aerobics when i was pregnant with Steph. the other two I din't do much of anything as I was too busy getting sick all the time! It is great you are able to fit this into your already busy schedule! I need a set of weights to work with at home.