Monday, April 2, 2012

Casserole Exchange

My sister-in-law came up with a great idea to have a casserole exchange between her, myself and my mother-in-law.  On Friday at work we all came to the table (well actually the car as we were driving to lunch) with a few recipes each to vote on.  My mother-in-law had two recipes that included sauerkraut (I voted those out immediately!) so for her we settled on Taco Pie.  My sister-in-law really wanted to make Barbecue Chicken Mac N' Cheese but my mother-in-law told her she had to offer up more than just one recipe so she listed off a few others and in the end we all settled on... Barbecue Chicken Mac N' Cheese (sounds delicious doesn't it!)  I had originally wanted to make Chicken Pot Pie but just in case printed off a few last minute recipes from Pinterest... my new favorite thing!  In the end they voted on Cheesy Chicken Lasagna.  Found originally on Pinterest.  I have made it before and really liked it and so felt confident making it for others.

Now that the dishes were chosen we had to decide how much we were going to make.  My sister-in-law and myself wanted to use disposable pans so as not to worry about getting them back later.  We settled on using the 9x11disposable pans.  We would each make 1 per person so 3 total in order to keep one for ourselves.  The exchange was set for Monday at work giving us the weekend to purchase groceries and make our meals.

I made my Cheesy Chicken Lasagna Sunday afternoon while Max was napping.  Then I wrapped them up, wrote what they are, the cooking temp and time and when they were made.  I believe my mother-in-law was going to eat all of hers the week of the exchange but since Luke is out of town and it's only me and Max at home I knew I was going to have to freeze some for later when he's around.

This was great because I only had to make 1 recipe but will end up with 3 different meals!  Tonight I'm going to have my mother-in-laws Taco Pie.  I'm thinking this will be good to do again before baby #2 comes.  If anyone else is interested in an exchange let me know... I'm in!


  1. I was just talking about doing something like this with some friends of mine too! I think we were talking about something far more complicated, but I like the simplicity of this one! Great might get stolen;)

  2. Genius! And, BBQ Chicken Mac and Cheese sounds amazing...

  3. So far the Taco Pie was delicious, Max even liked it! It's been nice not to worry about cooking anything after work too!