Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Guess what everyone, I have FRIENDS!  When I first moved to Madison the summer of 2005 I had 1 friend in town, my best friend from home/new Madison roommate Morgana. At that time Morgana was a Body Shop at Home rep and with her new budding entrepreneurship wanted me to host a party at our new to us but slightly old, however, nicely decorated apartment. 

I was very excited to show off my new home so I invited the 5 people that I new in Madison (including my boyfriends mom/current mother-in-law).  These 5 people were all coworkers of mine and the only women I remotely knew here.  On the day of the party I left work early to race home and prepare a beautiful display of appetizers, put out candles and help Morgana get her foot spa products ready.  I was expecting all 5 people to show up and was so excited but as the evening went on people started to call and cancel.  For various reasons everyone except my future mother-in-law ended up not being able to attend.  I was so devastated and had no idea what I was going to do with all the food I prepared (which was way to much for 5 people let alone 1 guest + Morgana and myself) so I called up Luke to come over and eat it with us.

The party went as such.  No one got a foot spa (I don't blame them, maybe that's why they cancelled?) Luke, his mother, Ann, Morgana and myself ate appetizers and watched TV.  True to form Ann purchased more products than what 5 people together would have purchased so I still was able to get some fun free goodies!  In the end, not a great party memory.

Flash forward 6 years and I'm sending out email invites to my upcoming Scentsy party.  You'd think I would have learned from the last one, not sure why I keep torturing myself like this. As I begin to input the emails into the invite I start to realize that I actually have Friends!!!  A total of 20 good friends have been invited and those are the people that I actually like and want in my home.  Who knows if anyone is going to show up other than my mother and sister in law but at least this time I have a better average going for me.  The party is on May 10th so I will let you know what the outcome is.  There are no foot spas this time so maybe I will get a better turnout!

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