Thursday, July 14, 2011

Max's New Ride

This weekend Luke, Max and myself are traveling 6.5 hours to Minnesota for my annual family reunion.  This marks the 21st year that all of my amazing family on my mom's side will gather at my aunt and uncles cabin for relaxation and fun.  This also marks Luke's first year in attendance!  This September we will have been together for 7 years and he still has yet to make one.  It will obviously be Max's first time too.

I'm looking forward to reading a book, Max playing in the lake and with all the cousins {he loves people}, drinking wine and celebrating my brother Matt and Erica's recent engagement!!!!!!

Since this is the longest drive we have taken Max on since visiting Minnesota in December I thought it was time to get him his new big boy car seat so yesterday Luke and I went over to Babies R' Us to pick one up.  We were all set on buying a certain one and had even pulled it off the shelf when an employee came over and asked if we needed some help.  He asked us what our main concern was in buy a new car seat and of course we said safety.  He then brought us over to the Britax section and explained how they are the safest car seats he had and why.

Of course this made us change our mind as wouldn't we want to have the safest car seat out there for little Max?  The story about the women totalling her Mercedes and being in recovery for 3 weeks while her child who was in the back in her Britax car seat was unharmed didn't help either!  I was happy with the middle priced one {and I thought it was cuter} but Luke wanted the next one up as it had a few more side impact safety features.  Of course I let him get that one {even though I paid} because I felt like a horrible mother saying "no the $$$ one is good enough and looks cuter" in front of the store employee.

Needless to say, he better love this new car seat as it cost as much as one of my monthly car payments!  I'll get you some action shots of him in it this weekend.

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