Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Ugly Stuff {Roughing It}

Yesterday I discussed the good part of my recent family vacation.  Today, I'm going to tell you why we left a day early.  A few things contributed to this but one of the main culprits was the heat.  It was 90+ degrees and the cabin we rented for the weekend had no AC!  As you know from my post about the Brewers game I don't do well with heat.  I actually attempted to write multiple blog posts over the weekend but every time I would sit down to write my brain would melt and I couldn't even focus.  The only reprieve we had was in the car or in restaurants.  This was NOT the relaxing I was hoping to do.  I had visions of reading, writing and "chilling" in the cabin but instead I just baked.  Even sleeping sucked.

The second reason was bugs.  I HATE bugs.  Any kind of bugs but especially spiders.  I have always had a horrible fear of spiders and this cabin had a plethora of them.  The big fat ones stayed outside on the patio and porch but the daddy long legs made their way into our bedroom and bathroom... YUCK!
Even though the spiders are creepy they make beautiful webs.  This was out on the back porch of the cabin.  I used my super zoom so I didn't have to get close. 

You can see Mr. Spider in this one.  I tried to get a better shot but he was too fast.    He gave me major goosebumps.

The dew that morning made the webs sparkle like rhinestones.
At one point during the weekend I walked into the living room and announced that I had no idea why people would WANT to "rough it" because the term alone sounded horrible.  Why would you want to make things more rough for yourself?   All over the rented cabin where signs about roughing it up north {first of all I have to say that we were in the middle of Minnesota and growing up in Duluth this is NOT considered "up north"... anyways}.  My brother's fiancee tried to explain that it's more about living simple and in one with nature.  I explained that I haven't checked my cell phone all weekend and so can "live simple" but this nature stuff was CRAP!  I think she meant more than just not checking my cell phone.

Now some of you die hard nature people may laugh at this because to me I felt as though I was "roughing it" but honestly I stayed in a two story cabin with three bedrooms two baths on a lake.  We had a full kitchen, a TV and wireless internet.  At one point everyone was on their computers or iPads.

Luke made a good point as we drove home on Tuesday, he said "wow, cabins are a lot of work."  I'm so happy he said that because at one point in the past few months he had thrown out the idea of getting a cabin with another friend of ours.  Of course I shot that idea down ASAP!

There were some beautiful things.

Full moon from our cabin the first night we were there.

Cute horse swing made out of a tire in someone's yard.
Next family gathering I vote for staying in a hotel on an island!

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