Monday, July 4, 2011

Oh How Things Change

This weekend Ashley, Chad and their little boy Cayne came to visit.  Cayne is exactly 1 month older than Max.  He can walk already and so I was hoping that he would teach Max a few things.  It worked!  Max can now somewhat crawl, he tried to pull up on the coffee table last night and is all around just more interested in being mobile.  Yeah!  Thanks Cayne for your help :)

We all had a blast hanging at the pool and the lake.  The boat made Ashley and I reminisce about their trip to visit 2 years ago when Ashley and I drank a lot of beer on the boat and now instead of beer we have babies.  Wow how things can change in just 2 years.

Ash and me with the babies

The two families

Such a cute family!

Future Christmas card?

Cayne and Max having a snack

"Hey, that doesn't go in your nose!"

"Yum, can I have that?"  I love this one

The big boys with the little boys watching some fireworks in the street

"Ooo" Cayne says about the fireworks

Ready to party on the boat!

Cayne loved the lake

Max, not so much

Practicing his floating

Screaming bloody murder
The boys both had fun playing on the boat.  Cayne loved the lake water but Max thought it was a little too cold for his liking.  Maybe next time he will be more used to it.

Such a fun summer weekend.  Love.

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  1. You and Ashley look like twins in the the first picture! Love all the pictures of the babies!