Saturday, June 11, 2011

{Book Review} Water for Elephants

So last night for book club we all met at BW3s for dinner and beer to discuss Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen.  First I have to say that I still don't get why they call it BW3?  Where is the 3rd W?  Can someone explain this to me please.

Anyways, after a few Miller Lite bottles and some food we sat outside on the patio to discuss this delightful book. (Yes I like watered down light beer and particularly in bottles as I feel it's easier to drink and not have to burp after every sip... can you tell I'm more of a wine drinker?) 

Here is my review of Water for Elephants

I am now obsessed with old world circuses!  I have never been to a circus in my life but have watched enough TV to know what probably goes on at one.  It's not the circus show that I am obsessed with but more the old circus memorabilia and stories of what happened behind the scenes.  I'm waiting for my chance to go up to Circus World in Baraboo, WI to see all of the old time circus stuff.  It seems so interesting.  This brings me to one of my favorite things about the actual book, the history.  The historical setting that Sara chose is very interesting and the Great Depression era has always been intriguing to me.

When asked last night at book club who my favorite character was I had to think about it.  I finally decided upon Jacob the main character in the book.  I was hesitant to pick him because I'm not one to just select the main good guy for no reason, however, I truly did like his character the best.  His loyalty, integrity and love for animals is what connected me to him.  

The book is a little graphic at times but that's how it was in a 1930s circus.  This book was my favorite book club read to date.  I even read the interview with the author in the back because I still wanted more!  I would highly recommend this read. LOVE!


  1. I loved this book, it really moved me. The main character is so well done, I love how it is written. It's so bittersweet. I don't really get how they made it into a movie, but I am excited to see how it turns out.

  2. I loved it too! I've heard the movie isn't that great but I still want to see it. I agree on the depth of Jacob as a character. I feel the author did such a great job with him!