Tuesday, June 21, 2011

{Craft Project} Diaper Box Bulletin Board

Thank you to my friend Jen for sending me the link to a post on the "I Choose to Thrive" blog.  She must know me well because as soon as I saw these bulletin boards I knew I HAD to make one... or two.  You can find the original post here at Thrive.

Last night after work Max and I went shopping for all of our materials to make my fun bulletin boards.  Max enjoyed waving at all the women in the craft store and even threw some spools of ribbon at them.  They giggled and bent down to pick it up for him... only a baby could get away with that!

After dinner I stayed up working on the start of my project, hoping to get at least some of it done before my bed time.  I found that not only were they super easy to make but also really fun!  It was one of those projects that I just couldn't stop.  I seriously want to make more but think it would be weird if my home was covered in bulletin boards.  {at least I would have plenty of places to stick my to do lists!}

Here are the steps: Diaper Box Bulletin Boards

Take a diaper box or any other box and open it up all the way. {I also used a wipes box that was a different size}

Spray the printed side with tacky spray and then fold it together so the printed sides stick.

This stuff is so cool.  I may just google "things to do with tacky spray" in order to use it again!
This makes the base of your bulletin board.  See below.

Next cut strips from the extra tab on the end in order to fill in the gaps.  Tape the pieces into the gaps using packing tape.  Then tape up the end to make sure it stays tight.  Spray what you consider the "Front" of your bulletin board with tacky spray and place that side down onto your choice of fabric.  Cut out the fabric to fit the box leaving an extra 1.5-2" border around the edges.

When you cut the fabric cut the corners off at an angle to make it easier to wrap the fabric around the corners.  Next using a hot glue gun, glue the fabric around the box making sure it's pulled tight.

To hang it up take ribbon of your choice and glue it to the back of the bulletin board.

Hang them up and you are ready to go!

I love the fabrics Max helped me pick out! 
Grab some push pins or thumb tacks and stick whatever you want to them!

Here is the start of my new baby wall.  These used to be on my refrigerator.  If you want me to put your baby on my wall send me your photo!!!

Here they are displayed in my kitchen.
I love how much these bulletin boards add to my space!


  1. Great job Marge!! I knew you could make them awesome!

  2. I love them--- adorable! If I muster the motivation, I will make one!

  3. Very cute! I'd like to make some. Just have to motivate myself to be artistic! Lol

  4. cute :) you should make more and sell them on etsy :)

  5. Awesome! Where did you get your fabric?

  6. Thanks everyone! They were super easy to make.

    Megan - I would love to some day sell something on etsy. I once decided I was going to make scarves but was such a perfectionist I just couldn't bring myself to sell any of the ones I made. Some day...

    Kate- I got it in the bargain bin at Jo-Anne fabrics. It's home decor fabric.