Saturday, June 18, 2011

I'm Back! with a little this and a little that.

For my loyal followers, I'm sorry for my week long absence. I was struck last weekend with a nasty sore throat that turned into a full blown cold by the time Monday rolled around. I've attempted to simply survive this week and now am back!  The last three nights, due to my barking dog cough, Luke has resided on the couch. I miss him but don't miss him hitting me with a pillow every time I cough. Now I can hack up a lung without injury!

Here are a few things on my mind this Saturday morning.

This I would not consider a rhinestone as it was pretty sucky and I'm still having mental conflict about it.  I found out that a friend accidentally spread an untrue and hurt full rumor about my family.  By the time Luke and I found out the telephone game had gone through at least 8 people and had even reached his grandfather and entire extended family!  Yesterday I confirmed that it was this friend who started it all but I have yet to call and speak to her about it.  Personally I would rather just pretend it never happened and simply stop talking to this person because I'm a wuss but Luke is so upset and wants to make sure that she doesn't continue to tell other random people something that's untrue.  Can we just say that I'm dreading this phone call.  To go along with this I have chosen a song that I've been loving lately.  I think the part about "I won't let you close enough to hurt me" really hits home to how I'm feeling about this.

On a more positive note Luke and I went to a few more Parade Homes this week.  We may consider building a home next summer and so are looking for ideas just in case.  Every time we walk through a home I point out all the things that I WANT!  Luke told me yesterday to put together a list so that we can remember once the time comes to start on the plans.  

Here is my NEW HOME must haves would like to haves:
1. A front porch where I can sit on an Adirondack chair and drink wine iced tea while watching the kids ride their bikes in the street.
2. A screen porch where I can sit with friends and drink wine iced tea or read a book without bugs attacking me. {Who knows if I will even have time to enjoy these spaces but just in case, I WANT them}
3. Back yard big enough to fit a swing set and other toys for the kids
4. Framed mirrors in the bathrooms
5. Island in the kitchen, granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances
6. Open floor plan, fireplace in the living room
7. Guest room/craft room {this one I'm pushing for!}
8. Lockers in the mud room
9. Cool lighting! Like below!

Can you see this in my front entryway?

Or how about this for my entryway?

Above my dining room table?

All of the light fixtures above are from

Stay tuned for the conclusion of my friend confrontation and also a fun Father's Day bbq that we are attending tomorrow.


  1. Sorry this happened to you my friend. Good thing we have each other and other real friends to balance out the bad that we just simply don't have time for anymore.
    Love you.
    ps- LOVE the light fixtures!

  2. Thanks Morg. It's nice to know I have such amazing friends that are there for me! Just wait until you see my light fixtures from one of the parade homes I saw today. OBSESSED!

  3. Did you take your camera to the Parade?? I ALWAYS end up with a huge number of "must haves" by the time I'm done!!