Monday, June 20, 2011

Sparkles and TV's

Yesterday Luke, Max and I went to 2 more Parade of Homes sites in Fitchburg and Oregon.  I was starting to feel a little over all the home viewing but today was a whole new story!  I'm in LOVE... with a home.  I honestly think that Temple Construction built their parade home for me!

First we visited 3 homes in Fitchburg and I found a house that I, at that time, considered my favorite out of all of them.  Here are some of the reasons why...

I want a bowl sink in my guest bathroom
These built-in shelves were in the entryway of the master bedroom
This is the tub I want!
These are built in shelves in the shower.  Great to hold all of my shampoo!
Fireplace in the living room.  The actual fireplace has blue stones in it.
This decoration was in the staircase in 2 places, Luke especially liked these.

Now onto the main attraction!  After Fitchburg we decided to quickly run over to Oregon and see the BIG ONES!  Here is the Temple Construction home.  I must preface this by saying there is NO WAY I could afford the next home but that doesn't keep me from dreaming.  Just walking in the front door took my breath away.

Dining room.  Do I have to tell you how much I love the light fixture?!
Double staircase leading downstairs
Wall next to the double staircase that also separated the dining room from the living room area
The coolest bathroom fixture EVER!  The sink is pretty awesome too
Seriously, what an ingenious idea to put a dining room fixture in the bathroom.  Who would have thought?! This was made out of  multi-colored crystals
I wish this showed the light fixture better.  It was really cool textured balls hanging from the ceiling.  The tray ceiling was pretty cool too.  This was right outside the master bedroom in the hallway.
This is a wall sconce in the bedroom!  SO AWESOME!!!!!
Master bedroom.  Love the built-ins

The wallpaper accented behind the mirror was cool, this was in the master bedroom bathroom
Perfect mirror for a master bedroom.
Light fixture hanging over a really cute seating area in a section of the two part living room.  Little crystals are hanging in the middle.  
My screen porch + a fireplace and view of the golf course.
Inlet in the bar area.  Sparkly tile back splash.
I loved the bathroom sconces but they don't show up with my iPhone, what else is neat is the tile behind the mirror.
Seating area in the basement.  Such a neat idea to do the built-in seating near the basement bar.  Also, love the light... typical.
Basement bar and fireplace.
Exterior.  I wish I would have taken a photo of the front door.  It's unexplainable.
Both Luke and I LOVED this home.  If you can't tell I love sparkly things {hence my blog name} and this place had plenty of that!  It also had a TV in every room.  Seriously, it had a 47" flat screen in the kitchen.  That's one reason I think Luke liked the home but he also loved the two sided stair case.  If only... I can dream :)

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