Monday, June 6, 2011

It takes leaving...

Something this weekend made me think of my hometown Duluth, Minnesota.  I long to walk the lake shore and watch the ore boats ascend upon the harbor.  Cutting through the deep dark water and towering over the spectators in all their grandeur.  The sound of the horn alerting the bridge of their presence resonating through the streets of canal park.  Tourists buzzing about everywhere.  Cars stopped on either side of the Aerial Lift Bridge awaiting the passing ship.

That is what was on my mind this weekend.  I'm excited to some day share this with Max.  It's something I took for granted while growing up there and now I wish I could see it again so easily.

Duluth in the summer... there's no other place like it.

Ship coming in
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Aerial Lift Bridge
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View of the Aerial Lift Bridge, Park Point and Lake Superior, Duluth, MN
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