Monday, June 27, 2011

Hot as balls... baseballs that is

Yesterday we took a trip to Milwaukee to cheer on the Brewers baseball team as they played the Minnesota Twins.  As a member of the Involvement Committee at work I was part of making this event happen.  More than just work employees came along but the hotel supplied the bus and tailgate food!  Super!

I was very excited as it was my first time ever tailgating... EVER!  As we piled onto the limo bus we realized that although they said it could seat 28 people we probably should have invited less as it was a tight squeeze. One hour after departure we were at Miller Park.  Driving through the sea of tents and barbeques we all started to cheer... {ok there was no cheering but in my head I thought that would have been a nice touch}

We pulled all of our gear out of the bus and set-up shop directly behind it.  Our own little "bus campsite."  Then it all went downhill from there.  It was HOT.  80 degrees and sunny with no cloud cover at all.  Being from northern Minnesota I don't do hot weather.  I'm the girl that likes to find a palm tree to put my chair under, I made my mother-in-law rent me an umbrella on the beach in Miami but no one else wanted my umbrella to block their sun so I stuck it 5 feet from our chairs and would get up every couple minutes to go stand under it. {no joke}  Even though I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt I was melting.  I'm just glad I wore a hat because sunglasses make my face melt off {for reals} and no one wants to see my mask melting down my face.  Imagine sitting in a black parking lot surrounded by buses with no breeze in 80 degree weather.  I couldn't wait to get to the game where I envisioned it would be a lot cooler.
Ladies hanging out at our bus campsite, a game of bags going on in the background.

View of Miller Park from our campsite

The black bus is ours

At least the tailgate food was amazing.  Good thing our Chef decided to come on the trip as he made pulled pork and beer brats along with potato salad.  We also brought cookies shaped like baseballs in the colors of the Brewers.
Chef Tony cooking up some brats

Once at the game my heart sank when I saw where our seats were.  Directly IN THE SUN!  You have got to be kidding me.  I wondered if there would be more of a breeze here than in between the buses.  Nope.  After 10 minutes sitting in my seat I started making jokes about how if I slip out of my chair it's not because I've had too much to drink it's from sweating.   Which at that point I was told by our guy friend that was TMI {too much information}.  I spent the rest of the game making any excuse to go in the shade and complaining about how hot I was.  {I sound like a fun person to attend a baseball game with, don't you want to invite me next time?}  Luke and I discussed what positions on he field were better than others and why Ryan Braun is the only person in all the advertisements.
Me and Luke in the park.
Our group

Sausage races.  Italian won. For those of you that don't know what the sausage races are go here

In the end it was a fun day.  Thanks to my pink Brewers hat I didn't get a funky face burn {hate those} and I can now say that I have tailgated before.

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