Sunday, June 19, 2011

You're an All Star Get Your Game On Go Play

Happy Father's Day to my amazing dad and fabulous husband!  Max helped me pick out Luke's Father's Day card yesterday and he chose the Shrek one that plays Smashmouth's "All Star" every time you open it up.  Max loved the card so much he's been playing with it all day and therefore I have the following song in my head.

To celebrate the day we decided to go to some more parade homes... I know, we are obsessed!  We have been to 6 of the 7 sites!  More photos to come tomorrow from those homes as today I fell in love!

We ended the day with a cookout at Van Buren Place for the dads.  It's always nice to get together as a family.  I especially love the excuse to eat a cheeseburger {honestly, that's what I was most excited about!}
Max and Luke

Sister-in-law, Alicia and her fiancee Jeff

Eating a crunchie

Behind bars!

4 Generations of Stauffachers... Great Grandpa David, Grandpa John, Baby Max and Dad Luke

Ready to take a nap

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