Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Yesterday Max had his first boating day of the season.  I was the typical overprotected mom {sunscreen, life-jacket, hat, water...} but even with that Max had a great time.  I brought my new camera but had forgotten to charge the batteries so unfortunately I had to use my iPhone for pics.

We docked at 3 foot bay for a while to hang out with some friends and listen to music and so Max had some time to sit and play with his toys.  He had plenty of sunscreen on but to make sure he didn't overheat or burn we made him a little towel shade and he had a blast!
I swear he's trying to smile in this pic :)
Hat fell down over his eyes.

Smiling with his eyes closed

Playing under his towel shade.  Calling chicks with his baby cell phone

Such a fun day he passed out in the car!

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