Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Some of you that know me know that I LOVE birthdays, especially mine :)  I have been known to throw most of my own parties and typically have had great birthdays for most of my life.

Here are some of my most memorable parties:
* Rainbow Bright came to my house in Eden Prairie, MN when I was little and when she "flew away on her horse" {drove out of our driveway in her sedan} my mom made sure to point towards the forest so we could all watch her leave!  So super cool

* I had a figure skating party when I was 8.  We rented the skating rink for all of my 10 or so friends and then had pizza in the warming room.

* When I was 9 my birthday party was at a horse stable.  We ate in the back room with the tack and then took a hay ride through the fields.

* For my 13th birthday we rented a limo and my friends and I got all dressed up and drove around town... then we headed home for some Chinese food because of course you would eat Chinese food after riding in a limo?

* For my 21st birthday I threw myself a "Sex and the City" cocktail party.  My mom was our hostess and helped prepare all of the food and drinks.  We drank cosmopolitans and sat around my dining room table enjoying the food, cake and juicy gossip.

* For my 24th "Golden" birthday party I went all out.  I rented {for free} the prefunction area of our hotel and served hors d'oeuvres and champagne {because it's gold... and delicious!}.  The cocktail tables were decorated with small bowls of "gold-fish" with gold cards that had trivia questions all with answers that contained the word "gold" in them.  There were gold balloons surrounding the space and every guest was required to wear an item of gold.  The party was amazing until I downed a few too much "gold goodness"... proving there can be too much of a "gold" thing!
     ** My Golden Birthday was a two-part event.  Not only did I throw a super fun party but on the actual day of my birthday I happened to be in Florida with Luke and his family.  That morning Luke woke me up and told me to pack up all of my things and be ready in 1 hour.  An hour later we hit the road to an undisclosed location.  Once arriving in St. Petersburg beach we proceeded to look around.  I pointed out this amazing pink hotel located right on the beach and thought how wonderful it would be to be rich enough to stay there.  That's when Luke announced that we were checking-in at 3pm and so we had better get something to eat beforehand.  I was stunned!  We checked into our gorgeous room and was greeted a few minutes later by the butler dropping off chocolate covered strawberries and champagne.  {This birthday is amazing I thought}.  The afternoon was completed with a pedicure for me and a walk on the beach together.  We then proceeded back to our room to prepare for a nice dinner in their exquisite restaurant.  I didn't have anything to wear as I mostly packed beach stuff for our Florida trip.  With that, Luke pulled out a gorgeous dress from Arden B that he had picked out. {notice the photos below}  We dinned surrounded by exotic fish swimming around us in tanks and ate delicious 5 star food and drank expensive wine.  That's when Luke placed a diamond ring on the table and said "Here is your final birthday gift, I will let it speak for itself."  I was speechless.  It was one of the best moments of my life.  The whole day had set a great scene.  The server congratulated us on the engagement and admitted that he knew all along and was waiting in anticipation.

So you can see why birthdays are an exciting day for me.  Luke doesn't understand as he thinks birthdays are just another day.  I hope to raise my kids to love birthdays because why not have something in life to look forward to every year.  It also builds lovely memories that I cherish.  I have to thank my mom for helping with all of my wonderful birthdays over the year.  Without her I wouldn't have these great memories.

This year I'm thinking a nice dinner with my husband is all I need.  I'm 28 today!  28 isn't a real exciting number for me so I think low key is good.  Watch out for 30 though... I have 2 years to plan and I'm going to need it.  I'm thinking that will be a big one!
Morgana and me at my Golden Birthday Party
Me and my brother, Matt, at my Golden Birthday Party {notice his "gold chain" hahaha}
The "pink" hotel where we got engaged {Don CeSar}
Engagement Photo after dinner

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