Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lazy Americans and Ema-isms

My friend Ema is from Europe, Kosovo to be exact.  She is such a European and that's what I love about her!  There is never a dull moment with Ema around.  Yesterday I had the pleasure of joining her, my coworker, Justine, a friend/client Liz and my mother-in-law/boss for lunch.  Ema used to work with me but since she left I don't get to see her as much and that makes me sad.  Lunch yesterday reminded me of all the fun times we had together.  She makes me laugh on purpose... and by accident.  Here are some of the funny Ema-isms from the past few years of our working relationship and friendship.

1. "In Europe you fly 2 hours and you are in another country, in America you fly 2 hours and your still in America!"... {typical European, they love Europe}
2. Once when we were pulling into a client's office parking lot she went to park and I pointed further away saying "The door is over there Ema"  she replied back with, you lazy Americans can't even walk over there?  She then proceeded to back out of the spot she had parked in and re park closer, then she turned to me and said "is this close enough?"  We both laughed hysterically!
3. Ema loves "Nice coffee," "Nice European chocolate," and smoking {again, typical European}
4. Ema tells it like it is- Once I wore striped pants to work and she asked me if I was wearing my pajamas... I never wore them again.
5. She was once pulled over downtown for going the wrong way on a one way.  When the cop pulled her over she felt so bad that they had to stop and take the time for her that she got out of her car to apologize not knowing that you not supposed to do that.  Immediately the cop pulled their gun and yelled at her to "GET BACK IN THE CAR!  She got back in the car but by then the cop had called backup.  Once the cop finally came over to talk to her they looked into the car and said "Ema? is that you."  After this Ema came to work and explained the story... I just about died laughing along with my other coworkers.  She's such a kind person that she felt bad for the cop having to stop her for a silly mistake of driving down the wrong way so she wanted to GET OUT and apologize.  Whoops!
6. Ema had a knack for getting people to give her their business.  It was either her sweet Albanian accent or the fact that she would continue to call them every 10 minutes until they answered her call!  She even did this with her coworkers.  If you didn't answer your office phone you could expect a call on your cell, then another call to your office and another call to your cell, all within 5 minutes of each other.  It worked!  She always got the return phone call, the appointment and finally the business.  People cannot say no to her!

Ema is always stylish, she is beautiful and she has one of the kindest hearts I have ever seen.  I miss her.

Justine, Ema, Ema's son Art, Liz, Ann and Me at Manna Cafe in Madison

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