Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Scenic Meeting and Birthday aftermath

I started off this morning with a meeting at the Best Western Inn on The Park in downtown Madison.  Even though it is a gloomy day, the view from the meeting room we were in was so breathtaking I had to sneak a few snapshots with my iPhone.
Lake Monona
Madison Capitol Building
Capitol Square
On another note, my birthday dinner last night was fabulous.  Luke and Max took me out to P.F Changs in Middleton for some delicious Chinese food.  As you can see from my 13th birthday, I love me some Chinese food!  We had two servers because one was training and they were both so nice!  They said we were there favorite table and that made my night!  One reason they said this was because Max was so well behaved and such a cutie.  Little do they know that we stuffed him with treats every time he tried to cry and at the end he was sitting on my lap playing hibachi while sticking himself in the eye with chopsticks!  Wow how things change once you have a kid.

Luke tried to take some photos to document the evening but Max was being a typical baby and had no interest in looking at the camera.  We tried shaking the snacks as if he was a dog and would come running but that failed.

Yum treats!

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