Friday, May 27, 2011

Reminiscing New Beginnings

The other morning I was discussing high school graduation parties with one of my coworkers as her daughter is graduating in a week.  It got me thinking back to my high school graduation party 10 years ago.  

My coworkers daughter posted her grad party invite on facebook and 400+ people RSVPd!  Are ya kidding me?  Wow have times changed.  I can remember sending out my plain grad party invites with one of my wallet size graduation photos stuck in it.  I mailed them or handed them out at school and can't even remember how many people attended.

What I visualize from my party is that it was a nice Saturday in June, I hated what I chose to wear but didn't have enough time to change, there was a kiddie pool filled with soda in the driveway along with folding chairs for guests, my cousin Katy made the trip up to Duluth to attend, my boyfriend at the time sat in the garage giving people dirty looks and my friends that attended where scared off by him… all in all, not the most memorable event.

What I do feel when I think of my graduation party is the excitement that was palpable that day.  Summer was coming and I was about to embark on a new chapter in my life… COLLEGE.  Oh and what fun college was!  If only I could go back to that day in the garage when the sun was shining and I knew my future was bright… {well other than needing to ditch my boyfriend, that was a little bit of a downer, but other than that}

Ok so I didn't have a pic of my own graduation so here is one of my brothers college graduation a few years ago.  This was in St. Paul, MN and it was the hottest day EVER!  Bad decision to wear black leggings to an outdoor ceremony!

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