Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Scentsy Party

Last night's Scentsy party was a success!  Thank you to all those who came!  I chose to do a garden theme for my party and was inspired by a table cloth that I purchased for Easter, however, the table cloth ended up making my table look to busy so it got pulled and was never used.  Oh well!  Here are some pics from the party (I'm working on getting a new camera as these were taken with my iPhone so sorry for the poor quality.)

I used my kitchen table in my apartment as the food & beverage table.  The tissue poms hanging over it were an easy DIY!  A mason jar filled with tissue paper housed my drink stir sticks.  These were made out of lollipop sticks and flower decals.

For dessert I made Pot of Dirt with gummy worms wiggling out of them and shot glasses filled with chocolate covered sunflower seeds in the coordinating colors.

As a thank you, each guest took home a small terra cotta pot with a gerbera daisy in them.

Beverages served were red and white wine and cucumber water.  The cucumber water idea came from Miami as each time I have gone there for vacation the resorts have this delicious cucumber infused water at the  pool.  I thought it also went with my garden theme as it is a vegetable.

A fruit and veggie bouquet took the place of a fruit and veggie platter.  It was a fun way to display the fruits and vegetables!

Fun was had by all!  Even Max had a great time.  Here is a picture of Max and Dawn's daughter, Kaitlyn, touching noses.  Too cute!!!


  1. very cute. I love the cucumber water idea. I need to try that!

  2. Megan, I loved your garden favors for Wyatt's birthday but those spiders terrify me!