Sunday, May 8, 2011

Humming While Blow Drying Your Hair... Love you Mom!

Happy mother's day to all the amazing moms in the world.  Today is my first mother's day and now I know why people make such a big deal out of it.  This year I found out that people are right when they say being a mom is the most difficult and most rewarding thing you will ever do.  I write this as my little guy naps soundly in his crib all curled up against the side of it... doesn't look very comfortable to me but if I move him he will wake up and all you moms know that would not be good!

I'm feeling lucky today that not only did God bless me with the ability to be a mom but he also gave me the most amazing mom in the world.  Here are some of the top 10 things that make me think of my mom:

1. Primary Colors
2. Nautical... anything nautical, even just the color blue
3. Scandinavian, especially Norway
4. Humming while blow drying her hair... she cannot dry her hair without humming, no joke!
5. Family, she is one of 11 kids and I"m so lucky to have such a wonderful extended family they are truly amazing!  Team Mathewson! :)
6. Nice, my mom is really nice.  Growing up I thought that is how every mom was but now I know that's not true.
7. Surrounded by friends, she has a full social calendar
8. Therapist, I call her daily with problems and she is the best listener... she should start charging me!
9. Open Houses, one of her favorite past times is going through open houses especially ones with character
10. Back seat driver, make sure you have a handle in your car for her to hold on to.

These are just some of the many things that I think about when I think of my mom.  She is also now an amazing grandma and Max is so lucky to have her as his.

My mom holding Max right after he was born.
Mom and Max at church on Easter Sunday.

Me and my mom.

She's the Queen and I'm the Princess.
Mom, Matt and Me on Halloween many years ago... what's Matt supposed to be?

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