Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Craft Project: Beachy Bathroom Frames

I LOVE crafts!  Last summer when Luke and I were attending our first baby class we had to go around the room and say our name, what we were having boy/girl if we new and what we enjoy doing with our free time.  Being as it is Madison every other girl said outdoors things like camping, hiking, fishing, biking... I said crafting and artsy stuff, in those exact words.  Luke was so embarrassed that he let out a nervous laugh and gave me the evil eye for even stating such a ridiculous answer to the question out loud.  I'm sure he was thinking, can't you be like everyone else and say camping or something?

I have my own way of crafting.  Here are some things that I require in order to attempt a craft project:
1. Simple directions.  I do not like to read directions.  If I can't figure it out in one try I don't do it.  Preferably no directions, I like to make things up as I go.
2. No Math.  I don't do numbers.  This is the reason as to why I only knit/crochet scarves as they go in a straight line and there is no adding or subtracting of stitches. 
3. Quick.  I enjoy crafting but as a working mom I don't have all day to sit and embroider a blanket or something.
4. Can't look to "crafty" once finished.  I don't need doilies and decoupage everywhere.  I want things to look as though I purchased them from a store but also be able to say "hey, I made this."

With that being said, here is my quick evening craft project.  Beachy Bathroom Frames.

Head to your local craft store for supplies.  Supplies you will need are wooden frames (any size and shape), paint brush, sand paper and white paint.
Sand your wooden frames a little.  The sound of sand paper makes me cringe so I'm sure I should have done this a little better but I just couldn't stand it any longer.  On the plus side, these frames are supposed to look a little rugged so, oh well!  After this I took a slightly damp paper towel and wiped down the frames to take off any of the residual dust.

Next, begin painting the frames with the white paint.  Make sure to cover all visible areas on the front.  Only one coat is needed as it is supposed to look worn down.  Let the paint dry.
Take sandpaper and rough up the frames once the paint has dried  Focus on the edges and areas where normal wear would happen.

Select photos to be placed within the frames.  I chose a few pictures of my own from trips to Florida and Miami.  You can choose photos from Magazines or online if you don't have any of your own.  Just make sure that they go along with the beach theme in some way.  Once you find the photos you want to use you can place them in the frames.

Hang and Enjoy!

Here is an additional photo of my beach bathroom.  I know it's a little trite to decorate in a beach theme but I have such great memories of Florida and Hawaii that it makes me happy to see my beach decor!

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