Monday, May 16, 2011

Morning Dew

Listening to the radio this morning while driving to work one of the topics was morning dew.  Well morning frost to be exact considering it was 30 degrees out this morning! (Brrr)  When temperatures are low enough, dew takes the form of ice; this form is called frost. {wikipedia}  It got me thinking about my own morning dew or rather Mountain Dew.  Every morning I have one can of Mountain Dew to start my day.  This has been a ritual of mine since freshman year of high school.  I can remember one of my health teachers asking me in a disapproving tone if it was my breakfast.  I do eat a real breakfast I explained to her, this is just my morning caffeine.
While trying to eat clean a few years ago I switched to black coffee with a little cream and while pregnant I switched to decaf coffee with a little cream but it was never the same.  There is something about the crisp, sweet taste of a Mountain Dew that just starts my day off right.  It must be a can too as it tastes the best out of a can.
Ask my husband what happens when he drinks the last MD in the house.  One day a couple months ago I went to get a Mountain Dew out of the fridge and realized that Luke was currently drinking the last one!  My head started to spin and I went into a crazy person rage.  "How could you drink the last one!  I can't believe you!"  I was having a bad day and needed the relaxing of a Dew and felt as though he should KNOW not to drink the last one.  I was so upset I didn't speak to him the whole time we were eating lunch.  I later apologized for my Dew insanity and he admitted that I was pretty scary.  Since then I make sure to get extra at the store.
Today is a good day.  I have a MD in hand and in he words of my friend Paula's two year old daughter... "Happy" 

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