Sunday, May 29, 2011

Nikon P500... New Camera!

I wanted a new camera for my birthday.  I mostly have been using my iPhone to document Max's first year of life and realized after starting my blog that I really needed something that took better quality photos.  After looking around and asking friends for advice I was a little stumped.  Some suggested I go the DSLR route and some suggested I do a bridge super-zoom camera.  I'm not that great at taking pictures and although I am pretty good at electronics I'm not one to figure out a lot of different settings prior to using something.  What I really wanted was something I could pull out quickly in order to grab a shot but also work on my technique a little bit more than what I could do with a simple point and shoot.

In the end I decided the Nikon P500 was the camera for me.  Luke purchased it for my birthday and I'm in love.  The auto setting lets me take quick shots of Max being silly and I'm also hoping to learn more of the manual settings for the future.

Here are some of my first pictures taken with my camera.  I also doctored them up on picnik {super fun, you must try}.

Even though Max has an ear infection he was a pretty happy subject.

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