Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Restaurant Review: Buck and Honey's, Sun Prairie

Last night Luke, Max, my dad and I all went out to eat at Buck and Honey's in Sun Prairie.  My dad travels to Madison for work once a month and when he's here we always go out to dinner.  The last two dates have been to Buck & Honey's.  It has become my favorite local restaurant.  Not only for the food but also for the atmosphere.  Max loves it too!  I'm not sure if it's the spinning "B&H" sign that he stares at constantly, the waitresses who walk by and ogle over him or the fact that he gets to sit in a high chair and play with whatever is in front of him on the table... except wine glasses and steak knives are off limits!
Watching the B&H sign spin around and around.

Ready to play in his high chair!

The menu at Buck and Honey's features a nice selection of salads, sandwiches, main entrees and dessert.  They have a separate lunch and dinner menu.  For dinner I ordered the "Steak and 3 Scallops" mixed entree and with that received a choice of two sides in which I selected the garlic mashed potatoes and the daily vegetable (asparagus).  Luke ordered the "Buffalo Chicken Salad" and my dad ordered the "Buck's Chicken."  I must love the Steak and 3 Scallops as this is the second time I have ordered it.  I would also recommend their "Lobster Pasta" special that I once had.  I have since called to ask if they are offering it again as it was AMAZING!  The pasta was homemade and the lobster was delicious.

My Steak and 3 Scallops... yum!

The story of Buck and Honey's is a cute one.  Tom Anderson the owner always comes over to say hello and makes you feel at home while there.  Their slogan is "Celebrating a Simpler Time."

Photo of Buck and Honey Birkinbine, who the restaurant is named after.  Buck once farmed the land that the restaurant sits on and is one of the area's best known residents.
On Wednesdays and Saturdays they host live music and there is even a small outdoor patio to enjoy during the summer months.  The bar looks pretty fun too, however, now that I'm a mom I don't get very many chances to experience that!  If you are looking for a small party or meeting room the "Charles H. Bird Room" (named after the first settler of Sun Prairie) is available and is nicely decorated.  I would highly recommend checking out Buck and Honey's next time you are in Sun Prairie... you may even see us there!

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